Phoebe Peng

Brand Name
Nov. 30 Gallery 十一月三十藝廊

"Phoebe Pei Ting Peng, whose 10 years of experience in the jewellery industry.
An self-taught artist, a mom, a Taiwanese lives-in Hong Kong.

The inspiration of my creations came from nature, and people all over the world as well as antique jewelries and gemstones of all sorts.

Fluid acrylic Art completely changed my life, but I quickly found that the traditional painting process is not very environmentally friendly, such as the use of paper cups, wooden stirrers , disposable pads...

As a parent who cares about our future generation, I started to look for ways to balance art and plastic reduction. All artworks in our gallery are created as Eco-friendly as possible.

Although I can’t be 100% Eco friendly yet, but “Break Free from Plastic “ is not just black or white. Every tiny little change can sow the seed of hope.